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How do I request a salary deduction quote?
On the quote request page you can choose any car from a pull down menu. New car models are constantly being released and availability changes frequently.

How do I request a salary sacrifice quote?
If you decide to request a salary sacrifice quote select the option on the quote request form. Some organisations may not offer salary sacrifice at this time, if this is the case the option will not appear and you will not be able to request quotes for this payment method.
To provide an accurate quote you will be asked for your Gross Salary and Tax Code. If these details are unavailable, please enter £25000 as a salary and 1100L as a tax code, this will calculate your quotes on a basic rate of tax.


What is included?
The contract includes all costs of finance, maintenance, servicing, tyres, windscreen and glass, payment of fuel for business journeys, comprehensive insurance and full support from Knowles Associates.


What is not included?
The contract does not include fuel for private use, top up fluids including antifreeze, engine oil and Adblue if required. This only applies between servicing; if any fluids are refilled as part of the service it will be included.


What is Adblue?
Some diesel engines require Adblue to comply with Euro 6 emission standards because it reduces harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.


How do I know if my car needs Adblue?
Unfortunately not all manufactures include Adblue in the vehicle name but most cars that use 'Blue' in the description use it. Generally, most German and French makes including Audi, BMW Citroen, Volkswagen and Mercedes do use it. The only way that you can be sure is to check the manufacturer's website or ask your local garage.

Topping up with AdBlue is simple but always consult your car's handbook first, but typically all you need to do is open the AdBlue filler cap, screw on the connecter of the refill bottle, then let the AdBlue drain into the tank. Many larger refill containers require a connecting nozzle, and you may want to buy one of these from a dealer if you're a high-mileage driver, as larger refills can save you money in the long run.

Diesel Engines with Particulate Filters
Before you make your vehicle selection, we would like to make you aware of diesel cars that use a diesel particulate filter. If you are a driver that makes frequent short journeys, you should consider very carefully if a diesel vehicle with a particulate filter is right for you. If you are unsure if the vehicle you would like has this type of filter, please visit the manufacturers website and review the technical specification of the vehicle. Alternatively, please call us on 01206 255 420.


Useful Tips
1. If you need any help or assistance please call 01206 255 420
2. Make sure that your business mileage is accurate as this will affect the quote
3. If you are not sure what your annual business mileage should be; calculate your average monthly mileage and multiply this by 10 to take account of holidays and other periods of absence or consult your line manager
4. If you have any special requirements or if special terms apply to you please call us on 01206 255 420 e.g. disturbance allowance, special allowance
5. Make sure your private mileage covers your commuting to and from work as well as any personal journeys you will do over the course of the contract


Best Value Cars
These cars are currently the best priced lease vehicles available to you. To obtain quotations for any of these vehicles please continue to the request a quote page
Volkswagen Polo
Vauxhall Corsa
Seat Ibiza
Volkswagen Golf
Vauxhall Astra
Seat Leon


Average Delivery Times
Most cars are factory orders and will take around 12 - 14 weeks from order to delivery so please take this into account when you make your choice. Some vehicles may take longer.

Car Benefit Tax
The car benefit tax detailed within your quotation is for information only; for further details, please request a call-back from the menu bar or seek independent advice.

If you receive a salary from your employment you pay income tax through the PAYE system. If you receive goods or other non-cash items, you are receiving a "benefit in kind" which is taxable. A car that is provided by your employer whether by salary deduction or salary sacrifice is classified by the HMRC as non-cash income. The "benefit in kind" value of the car is calculated by multiplying the list price of the car by the CO2 percentage.

Each year HMRC publish a table of emission values that equate to a CO2 percentage figure the current tables are applicable to April 2019.

N.B. the percentage values apply to petrol engine, there is an additional 4% supplement for diesel engines, however this is capped at 37%

Payments made by salary sacrifice are a salary swop and not payments for the private use of the car. Therefore, the tax calculation is List price x CO2 % x tax rate

e.g. £20,000.00 x 15% = £3,000.00 x 20% =£600 per annum

Payments made by salary deduction are classified as payments for the private use of the car and HMRC discounts the Car Benefit Charge by the value of the private use contribution. Therefore, the tax calculation is List price x CO2 % minus private use contribution x tax rate.

e.g. £20,000.00 x 15% = £3,000.00 - £1,000.00 = £2,000.00 x 20% = £400 per annum

Is the car benefit tax included in my payment for the car?

No it is a separate payment to the HMRC - The tax is collected through the PAYE system via an adjustment to your personal tax code. The HM Revenue & Customs will reduce your tax code by the value of the benefit. This simply means that, if you pay tax at the standard rate, the tax you pay will increase by 20% of the car benefit. When you apply for a quotation we will calculate the tax charge for you and we will inform the HM Revenue & Customs, to adjust your code, if you take a car under the scheme


Your Right To Cancel
The lease car agreement is bound by the consumer credit act 1974, and as such you have 5 (five) days from the date of signing the hire agreement to cancel your order without liability or fee. Any cancellation after this period may result in you being liable for a cancellation fee.


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